WannaCry Ransomware Discussion

WannaCry ransomware. The latest in aggravation for IT professionals. IT professionals know what ranware is and what it is designed to do. Its name says it all. There are many free forums out there to free you of this headache. It does take time and a great deal of patience. ATG worked for over 3 months to recover a client's historical data. This is what happens when a users clicks the wrong buttion and/or uses the server as a workstation, which was the case in our situation. Even the customers backups, which were isolated from the general network on a separate NIC and IP range and subnet, were encrypted. ATG was able to recover 100 percent of the data. We plan for every situation one can immagine, but it's impossible to cover all of them. We would like to discuss how this and other ransomware viruses operate and how to prevent them. Let's face it though. As IT professionals, we spend our life dreaming up contigency plans and we're always one step behind the curve. We all wish there was a crystal ball.