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See what people are saying ...

“The Astra Technology Group, L.L.C. has provided exceptional service to my business. ATG is top notch in my book. Since ATG came to my office, our computers and network have improved significantly. Consequently, I am able to be much more efficient which allows me the time and energy to focus on my clients, rather than focusing on computer problems. ATG has the expertise and knowledge to diagnose problems and create solutions to prevent problems from occurring in the future. I would definitely recommend the Astra Technology Group, L.L.C. to any one who wants to make sure their business runs efficiently as possible with the least amount of computer problems.”


Christine K. Lincoln, Attorney at Law

The Lincoln Law Firm, P.L.L.C.

We have been doing business with Astra Technology for about a year now and I have nothing but good things to say about it.  Our first meeting with Vincent was during a very stressful situation we were having with our network and our previous IT professional.  Our network workstations were losing connection to the Network and it was a busy Friday afternoon. By losing the network we were not able to enter calls in from our customers or communicate with our 100+ drivers out in the field. Everything had to be done on paper. My IT person could not figure out what was wrong, but he had to go pick his son up at the airport, so he left us with his assistant to figure out the failure!  In desperation I called another vendor of ours and asked for any recommendations on someone who could help – That is when Vincent came to the rescue.  He was able to come to our office within 30 minutes and he fixed the problem in about that same amount of time.  That was the day that Astra Technology became our IT solution provider.  Vincent has made vast improvements on our network and our overall systems since then and I now have total confidence in his ability to improve and maintain them for us. 


Jeanie Plistil
Systems Manager
Data Rush Couriers 

I recently asked ATG to put together a totally new type of website for my company. Although I have been in business for 30 years I had no idea of what direction I wanted to take. ATG has been patient with me throughout this process. When the final project is completed I have no doubt it will be like no other on the market. If you are looking for someone with impeccable integrity, let me recommend Vincent Salesi.


Craig Baker
Craig Baker Marble Co., Inc.

ATG is very knowledgeable in working on computers and servers. ATG keeps up-to-date on the latest technology and changes so that he is aware of new programs, software, hardware, adware, viruses, etc. When changes to our system are needed he has always been readily available to service our needs promptly.  ATG can monitor or fix problems that arise by accessing our computers. By not having to wait for a technician to travel to your office saves valuable time. ATG provides personal and knowledgeable service to his customers.


Holly Huckabee
Family Law
JohnK. Grubb & Associates, P.C.